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Bayfront Park Pier at Sunset

Daphne, Alabama

If the larger cities of the world are not for you, the sustainable and prosperous city of Daphne, AL is the place for you. The cost of living is relatively low. The city is slowly growing while still having the ambience of small town living. Within Daphne are 13 parks and sports areas to keep the community playful and entertained. Daphne Schools are among the top schools in the area in academic achievements and athletics; giving the district a Great Schools rating of 7 out of 10. The "Jubilee festival" is a big attraction that brings blue crabs and other tasty aquatic life into the shallows of the shoreline. Daphne has an active and thriving economy; surrounded by areas that are rich in agriculture. Location matters and Daphne is a beautiful, fun, and safe environment.

Located in Baldwin County, Daphne is growing but still has small town ambiance with friendly and caring people. Ranked 96th in the top 100 places to live by CNN. Jubilee event brings blue crabs, shrimp, and fish into the Eastern Shoreline shallows, waiting to be scooped up for some tasty sea food. Daphne has an active and thriving economy. Areas are near Daphne are rich in agriculture, offering an abundance of fresh produce almost year round.

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Daphne Public Schools along with three private schools (Bayside Academy, Christ the King and Eastern Shore Christian Academy) are among the top in the area in academic achievement and athletics. The Baldwin County School District has an average Great Schools 7/10 rating.


The City of Daphne is proud to offer 13 parks and sports fields for the community to enjoy.

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To guide the City of Daphne to a sustainable and prosperous future by promoting and managing proper growth and development through the planning process. The median home price in Daphne is $174,000, which is lower than the national median. There are 9,863 housing units in Daphne. Approximately 5,599 are owner-occupied and 3,132 are occupied by renters.

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The median income is $61,986 and the median home value is $193,405. There are 20,640 business establishments in Daphne's Baldwin County with fewer than 10 employees, which is a good indicator of the entrepreneurship in the community. The population is approximately 26,000 people. 18 HOSPITALS WITHIN 60 MILES OF DAPHNE, AL. 114 DOCTORS WITHIN CITY LIMITS OF DAPHNE, AL.

Crabs and shrimp like at the Jubliee Festival


The Jubilee Festival brings blue crabs, shrimp and fish into the shallow waters of the shoreline, just waiting to be scooped up by those waiting to fill their ice chests. Thus giving us the title “The Jubilee City.”

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